Shauna Resinger

I created this website because writing is my passion. It is what I have the most fun doing. I also created this blog because I enjoy helping people. It is my strongest intent to help people fall in love with themselves and their life. To see a brighter perspective. But also to accept the dark parts within themselves. My goal is to shift your thoughts -give you a different way of viewing life. I believe that your thoughts create your reality.

I have spent many years completely dedicated to cultivating a more healthy, happy, and aware life for myself. The results have been amazing. I have changed diet, lifestyle, cut out toxins and toxicity, and improved my inner dialogue. I figure I will spend the rest of my life on this journey as it is extremely addicting to heal yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. I may as well share what I’ve learned so that others may grow and heal and begin their very own personal journey. I am in no way a healer or a psychologist. I am someone who understands psychology well and who is extremely passionate about it. I want everyone’s main focus to be to love themselves and to live a rich and fulfilling life, following their deepest dreams, because I believe it will heal the world. I am simply a bridge to that awareness and here to help those in need so they can guide themselves to a different reality.

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