How To Receive From Life

There is a sweet spot in life where you can receive more than you could ever imagine. It is REALLY so simple. So I will make this article JUST as simple. The universe does not ask anything from you. Not for you to be better or different. Not to earn anything or lessen something. The universe is always ready to give to you.

There is only one perception that will allow you to Receive the gifts waiting for you. That is through love and gratitude. It is not about hoping for more, praying for the miracle to come in and save your life. Not about negativity or dissatisfaction. It is being love. Giving love. Believing you are already deserving. And living in gratitude for the millions of gifts that are EVERYWHERE you go.

You are already loved and blessed. Any thought less than this does not allow you to see the blessings you already have and will block you from receiving more. That is it and that is all. Pure love and gratitude.

Thank you Universe for all these blessings. I enjoy them so much.

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Change your perspective, be bright, be powerful

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