The Fire

What if there’s a chance you walk around, daily, with ideas, thoughts, habits, and programming that don’t actually belong to you? How suffocating and disappointing it is to understand that there are things we hold on to so passionately because we believe they are meant for us, when after all, the only reason we are holding on is because we fear change. We fear being authentic. Different than others. In a society that follows each other so brainlessly, it’s easy to believe we must follow as well.

I have spent several years letting go of things which were basically pinned to my mind and body. If you would look at me as if I were a Pinterest board, the society I’ve lived in and the childhood I grew up in was pinning all of it’s limiting beliefs and horrible habits onto me without my knowledge or approval. I did not actually give consent or decide I wanted these things in my life. It has been my personal journey to begin removing every pin and replacing it with something I actually approved of. Something I wanted my life to be. Something I was passionate about.

Through the process of removing all that does not serve me (people, places, habits, thoughts, routines, and things) and learning to forgive the idea that these were not my choices.. and to let compassion flow to every area of my life, I have begun to understand such an important lesson that I was missing before. I am in control. How Ironic, that letting go is the answer to holding control.There is so much power and strength I store within, because I am able to choose. I have the gift an ability to create. As we all do. I can create whatever I envision. And if there is something in my life that I’m not okay with, I know I have the choice to let it go. I do not have to be afraid of the person I will become afterward, because I know that if something is not serving me, it is actually dulling my light.

I learned I was in control. But I also learned how much FUN I had creating my own little world. One I am still developing daily. When I wake up, I ask myself, what do I want to do today? What can I create? Is there a new expression I would like to reveal to the world? Do I want to do something that can inspire others? Do I want to simply live in passion and sensuality for today, for the week? Do I want to live in gratitude and be thankful for every gift I have? Do I choose a life of health? Do I choose to have fun and believe life is the biggest party? The possibilities are unlimited. The idea that my mind has the ability to expel this vibration and that I can actually go out and create this in my world— is THE most exciting part of life to me. And I guess THAT is how I choose to live my life. Creatively. There is something that ignites within me as I allow myself to actively choose what makes me happy.

I refuse to let society dim my light. I refuse to choose things that do not suit me. I refuse to live somewhere that is not meant for me. I will be my most authentic expression. As we decide to make this our life- choosing that which makes us happy- whatever it may be, it is what starts a fire. Not a chaotic fire where we are waiting for damage to be caused, but a fire that burns slowly and deliciously. A fire that keeps us warm and protects us. A fire that is contagious. Our fire is lit when we get to be happy just being around all the stuff that makes us happy. And we get to let go of that which does not. What a blessing.

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