What Is Your Version Of Sexy?

It can be very hard in this society to find ways to truly love and appreciate our body. There are all different types of people around the world who have a different image of what a beautiful body is. Most who are deeply routed in societal beliefs think that for a woman to be beautiful they must obtain long eyelashes, long colorful nails, they must cover their scars and down play their wrinkles. They believe that beauty is youth, a size 2,- and it often comes with large breasts and a large booty.

For men, the ideal beauty is a handsome beard, nice teeth, muscles, clothing that is stylish and cologne is a necessity. Big strong “men.”

What about those who have wrinkles? Are they not beautiful? What about those who are overweight or chunky? Do they not get to be in the category of beauty? What about those who do not wish to be muscular? Are they ugly?

What’s more interesting is that society sells clothing, teeth whitening, fake eyelashes, hair extensions, wrinkle creams, hair growing serums, and everything in between to profit from our insecurities that have been brainwashed into our minds..by…you guessed it.. Society.
To feel beautiful in your own body, as you are, is quite the achievement. If someone has found this level of love within, it is almost regarded as being fake. It is truly a rebellious act to accept the things society declares as being UGLY.

I would like to tell you a little about my journey to accepting my true beauty and my body in all of it’s glorious chubbiness. These are some of the techniques I used, to rebel against society and to create my own version of beauty.

To begin my journey, I took a good look in the mirror at what my regular beauty routine was. In the past, I would layer on a lot of makeup and I would feel the need to look “perfect” before I left the house.

So, I experimented. I had a short period of time where I made my own products from home. I did this because I didn’t like that most products were tested on animals and that I didn’t even know 5 of the ingredient on the list of 5 bazillion that were going on to my skin, hair and body.

I made my own deodorant, rose water spray, mascara, lipstick, foundation, face powder, shampoo, conditioner, beach wave hair spray, and lotion.

Some were a huge success.. like the rose water spray and the beach wave hair spray. I still use those to this day and they are very easy to make! The rest I found to be very hard to make and unfortunately I did not have the time to commit to making these regularly, so I opted to start buying from brands who were good for your skin and did not test on animals.

I learned a very valuable lesson throughout this. I found that the mascara I made sucked, lol, and because it sucked I started to wear less mascara, and I realized I actually liked it better that way!

Some days I would go without foundation because again, the foundation I made, sucked lol, so it had very little coverage, and I discovered that I loved it because my freckles were able to show through.

Through experimenting and switching up my routine, I was able to find that a shorter routine and wearing less makeup or none at all, made me feel more confident!

Body was a hard one for me. Especially being a bigger woman in a society where THIN is glorified. I used to find a lot of anxiety when trying to figure out what to wear, and I would stress about if I was looking up to par. But I found ways around it.

I figured out what I liked best about my body and wore clothing that made my figure look great and showed off my favorite assets!
For instance, I love V neck or front swooping shirts because i love my neck and my chest.

From there, I started to wear tank tops and long shorts during summer. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and realized, I felt great.

For me, it was all about finding clothing I felt comfortable in and taking steps out of my comfort zone to accept my body more. In doing this, I also discovered my love for jewelry and fun colorful accessories that made me express more of who I am.

With the combination of exercise and gratitude I have been able to take my love of my body to a whole new level.

I started by taking daily walks, which I fell in love with. There are only certain types of exercises I enjoy and that is- walking, jogging (sometimes), jump roping, swimming, lifting weights, and yoga/stretching. That’s it. So I did not push myself to do things I do not like!

I engaged in morning walks which gave me energy and nature and I always felt wonderful, after. Then it became addicting.

I have been waking up every day and doing yoga in front of the mirror. This is where gratitude comes in. I have started to look at myself in the mirror with love.

Instead of looking at my cellulite and thinking I need to find a way to get it to leave immediately, I embrace it. I am CHONK. And there is no reason why I can not accept and love my body with cellulite.

The parts of my body I used to hate, I decided to start visually looking at them in the mirror and sending them love and gratitude. I am starting to realize the impact it is having on me.

It is always our choice to love our bodies, but most of the time we reject them because there is this idea in our head that we can always improve our body. Which there is nothing wrong with. Exercise will help you to find the health and appearance you seek, but what is equally important is taking the courageous act to love your body and to find it sexy EVEN while it is not perfect in your eyes, or in society’s eyes.

Feel free to comment, I love reading them! What is your version of sexy?

Take Care,


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3 thoughts on “What Is Your Version Of Sexy?

  1. Nice work, Shauna, on being confident enough to accentuate your strengths, regardless of whether they coincide with mass culture’s “vision.” That genuineness is itself rather sexy, actually,.

    Truth is, we all are guilty, to varying degrees, of perpetuating these impossible standards. It’s reflected in what motivates us, or generates a response. In our defense (sort of) as a species, deep down, these ideals represent the traits we as living creatures seek in a mate. Fortunately for us, though, we’re more than just biological agents, and the mind, personality, character, wit, etc., etc., often rival for allure physical characteristics.

    Oh, that rosewater you mention, is it the same thing as the culinary stuff? Your listing it among your creations caught my eye, as I’ve discovered more than a few kitchen uses lately. For example, it goes into a sublime Persian Pistachio Baklava…

    (Focus, Sir, if you can.)

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  2. I am so proud of you. This is something I still struggle with to this day, but I have made progress. I stopped wearing foundation and only put on a little blush and powder. I sometimes don’t wear as much eye makeup as I used to and I’ve stopped using curling irons and straighteners on my hair all in an effort to gradually adjust to a more natural look and be more relaxed in my natural self, rather than trying to keep up with what society says is beautiful. It is a struggle when we see ‘perfection’ everywhere and compare ourselves. That is another thing I’ve made progress on is comparing. I’ve also accepted being tall and chunky and stopped trying to have the perfect body accepting it as it is and being grateful I’m healthy. A lot of beliefs need to be broken in society, but it will probably never happen so all we can do is work on our own beliefs.

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