Day 3 of Self Love

Thought I’d share a post from day 3 of my Self Love Subscription. Link is below if you would like to purchase your subscription today….


One of the most valuable things I’ve ever learned in my life, is the importance of my thoughts. I never understood how a small thought or belief could change my entire reality. But now, I am a firm believer.

If you think bad thoughts about yourself, you walk around feeling low. It can feel as if those words you say to yourself are true and it effects the way you perform and color your world. It’s just like if someone else were to say something rude to you. As much as you try to shrug off comments from other people, those comments sometimes stick with you for a long time. It is important that you treat yourself like you would a treasured friend. There is truly no difference.

What we believe and think about life can effect the opportunities we are able to manifest. For instance, If you believe that you will not find a true love in this life, then when it steps on your doorstep, you’ll be less likely to recognize it.

Before I discovered the importance of thoughts and beliefs, I had no idea I was even saying bad things to myself. I’ve learned it is usually unconscious behavior that brews in our mind. Most likely, conditioned through our society and childhood experiences. I had no idea how often and how bad I was speaking to myself. I didn’t pay attention.

Once I started to pay attention, I knew that I needed to correct it. I have 2 successful tips to start changing your inner dialogue today.


The first is awareness. If you are not aware, or giving little care to how you treat yourself.. It will go unnoticed. Start by paying attention to your thoughts. Acknowledge every time you speak negatively to yourself. And remember to ask yourself, “Would I say this to a treasured friend?” If not, then it’s got to go


The second tip is affirmations. Replace negative thoughts with strength building & confident affirmations that will give you power.

Here are some examples of negative thoughts about self and their replaced positive affirmation:

I can’t believe I just did that *It’s okay I made a mistake, I know I can figure this out

I am so stupid *I did not know what  I was doing and that’s okay. I will learn from it next time

I am fat and no one will like me *I am curvy &  I am beautiful. Those who like my body will be attracted to me. I have nothing to worry about

I am awkward *I am unique and I like the way I am

I am not good enough *There is nothing I can do to be better, because I am always trying my best

I am so selfish *It is my birth right to be happy and I will follow my happiness in any way that suits me

Negative beliefs that effect your life and affirmation to replace it:

I could never accomplish my dream *I don’t see any reason why I can’t accomplish or go after my dream

I don’t know if I could do that all on my own *I’ve never tried that before but I am excited to learn and see how it goes

Most people hurt me *There have been people who have hurt me in life, but I know there are many kind and wonderful people in the world. Most people are here to help me

I will never be good enough for that I am good enough for anything in this world

They will laugh at me and make fun of me *If they laugh and make fun of me, I know they are not meant for me. I only accept people in my life who treat me with respect

​It is important to pay attention to your thoughts and the way you treat yourself.

Repeating affirmations like these, daily, helps to build confidence and strength around the things you are afraid of doing in life, and about your own skills and capabilities.

I encourage you to bring awareness to your thoughts today and try and replace three of your negative thoughts, with self loving and confidence boosting affirmations.
Take care,


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