A Daily Dose Of Self Love

Hello! I have decided to share with you the first message received for those who subscribed to “Daily Insights With Shauna” On Self Love. If you would like to subscribe to get more messages like these, there will be a link below, or check out my previous blog.

​”Certain days of life are meant to be completely on hold. It seems there is not a single drop of success, love, or movement surrounding you. Life’s spark has been lost, and hopelessness is the best way to describe it.

There are so many reasons why our life seems to be out of service. It’s just all happening behind the scenes. Sometimes these days are best spent releasing emotions, balancing our routine, or simply being present in the moment- without all the distractions. It’s actually here for our development and expansion.

What’s most likely to happen during pauses in life, is that we have a tendency to believe it is happening because we are not good enough. MOST people in life have this as their core wound. It is felt deeply all around the world. And it is for this reason, that when things aren’t moving or going the way we like, we tend to think it’s because we are lacking something.

We attribute success to worthiness. We believe having a partner in our life means we are suddenly worthy, because another has decided it is so. What happens if we lose that partner or our success falls apart? We suddenly lose any worth we once felt. In so many ways, we believe our worthiness can be calculated & measured. Do not let the working of society allow you to be defined and confined by these conditions.

Always remember that your worth is simply measured by what you feel inside. Do you try your best to be a good person? Then you are worthy!! Over and over again you are worthy! On days when life is seemingly motionless, it is not just a good time, but the perfect time, to look within and build the trust and strength to believe you are worthy of all of life’s opportunities. This can only be found within.

I encourage you to assess yourself today. How much do you love yourself? Is a lot of the self love you have (or don’t have ) based on what others say about you?

If you’re able to build the belief within yourself that you are worthy against all odds, then success is usually the direct result of this. Success in career, love, and life in general, because when we love ourselves we are able to shine. It’s almost as if you are a radiating light and everyone around you is brought joy with the light you share!

“You’ll be amazed at what you can attract after your start believing in what you deserve.”-Renee Slansky

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4 thoughts on “A Daily Dose Of Self Love

  1. Problematic is that I was never taught that just the simple act of Being has worth. I don’t have to do anything, acquire anything, or think anything to be worthy of my own life. Sharing the warmth of the great Eastern sun with my cats, I smile. .

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