Daily Insights With Shauna

Hello ❤

I am very excited to announce that I will be offering a new service I call, “Daily Insights with Shauna”, where I will send daily emails filled with inspiring and empowering messages, mixed with a flare of psychology. There are 4 subscriptions available to help with different areas of life.


My goal is to share all different types of successful techniques and methods, which I have used in my own life, to help create an abundance of power within. Also, to provide a bit of sunshine to your day through positive messages and pictures. Emails will include-

-Daily tasks to incorporate self love and care into your every day routine

-Techniques to shift beliefs surrounding self image and capabilities

-Tips to express your emotions in healthy ways and indulge in self care

-Insights on respecting yourself and setting boundaries

-How to live a life from within- going after your dreams

-Affirmations to build confidence and power within self


My goal is to assist those who are dealing with codependent relationships. Whether it be in a romantic partnership, with a family member, or a friend. Emails will include-

-Daily insights on how to set appropriate boundaries within close relationships

-Advice and tips on how to avoid enmeshment

-Insights to become independent and making choices from within, vs. needing permission from others

-Avoiding people pleasing

-How to avoid stress, guilt, shame, and other negative emotions stemming from codependent relationships- through self compassion

-Powerful messages to HEAL from abusive codependent dynamics

-Tips to retrain your mind from codependent thinking and beliefs


My goal is to share with you the techniques I used to remove alcohol from my life completely. Emails will include-

-Tips to reduce the amount you drink

-Quotes and message that will help you find the link to why you have been having so much trouble quitting drinking

-Reforming your beliefs surrounding alcohol

-Finding healthy thoughts and coping mechanisms to replace the need to drink

-Coaching to create goals on alcohol intake & Inspiration to never give up on your goal


The goal is to help in correcting negative thinking and the need to see life through a negative lens– based on societal conditioning. Emails will include-

-Tips and techniques to discover your inner dialogue and become AWARE of the negative thoughts effecting you

-Advice on how to surround your entire life with positivity, so that even on bad days, their will be reminders all around you

-Navigating anxiety and depression- how to deal and cope with it in a POSITIVE and healthy way

-Positive messages, quotes, and insights to retrain your brain!


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