The Universe Is Speaking To You

Hi 🙂 I’m so glad you were directed to this blog post today. There’s a reason why you are are here. I am sharing with you something I’ve done for myself for many years. Tarot & oracle card readings. I incorporate these into my daily meditation and often write myself letters from the messages I receive. I truly believe these messages come from the universe and are meant to give me the exact positive words I need to hear. I felt it was my time to share it with the world.

When I choose the cards, I shuffle very quickly and the cards actually fly out of the deck. This is how I know they are meant for me. I have prepared a letter from the Universe, for anyone reading this article today, and I did it exactly how I prepare the readings for myself.

It is my intention that it reaches those who need a positive message during the trying times we are experiencing in the world today. Each reading is designed and catered to be unique to you! Every message is different. I will be offering “A Letter From The Universe” as a part of the many services I have to offer. There will be a link below to purchase a reading. If you decide to purchase, with thought and care, they will be delivered directly to your email. Feel free to ask a question or set an intention.

I hope you enjoy!

The cards;

Dear Beloved,

This period of time in life is felt with many lower and negative emotions and with this comes dis-ease. You may be at a stand still in life, feeling as if you have no where to move. Unsure of where you could take action, even if the opportunity was available to you. Stuck in the imprisonment of your mind, you find yourself at a loss.

Many people are feeling this in the world due to it’s tragic circumstances. We are here to remind you that hope is not lost. Through trial and difficulties, comes some of the most incredible transformations. In fact, every hardship suffered has a miraculous reward. In this case, we are here to tell you that the reward is your expansion. During this time of pause, the message is to teach you how to live a life from within.

In order to take action and to live from within, you must first discard what is not serving you. You will be able to intuitively feel what is not working. Sometimes this can happen through feeling physical ailments, anxiety, or depression. We ask that you pay close attention to when you feel this in your body and mind. We also ask you to pay close attention to your thoughts. This is the center of your inner strength. There is a cord connected to every action you make. And this cord sends signals to your body to let you know when you are off balance.

Being off balance can be caused from participating in activities that do not serve your highest potential. It can be manifested from resistance to past life situations that have put you into a space of reacting from fear. This fear does not enable you to to take action towards your life purpose. It actually hinders you from living an authentic life. We ask you to choose love today. Love over everything else.

This love stems from self. The highest version of yourself is longing, calling out your name, to step forth and make decisions that are with the intention of love for this planet, but just as important, for your personal, emotional fulfillment. We ask this of you because it will create the balance you are seeking within, and it will allow you to be the most authentic and beautiful version of yourself. You will be able to shine at a higher vibration, which in turn allows you to be at service of those around you.

We know you try very hard, but sometimes your efforts are directed towards those around you and mainly focused on societal conditioning. When you do this you are lowering your energy and causing negative emotions. We call this outward living and it comes with very little fulfillment. Your inner voice will always be reaching out to you asking you to make a different decision, which is why you are constantly feeling resistance.

We ask today that you focus on living from within and giving yourself all the self care you can. This will create a ripple effect of inspiration which will inspire others to do the same. It is not about you being what everyone else or society wants you to be. It is about being what you want to be. Going after the purpose you have felt in your heart for many years now. Possibly your entire life. Big happy changes and expansion come when you make a decision to live in love, following your highest purpose.

Your Rebirth is happening now.

-The Universe

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9 thoughts on “The Universe Is Speaking To You

  1. It takes more than a little courage to offer your services to the broader world for the first time. You must’ve approached the decision to do so with the same care and consideration you lavish on your readings, Shauna. Unsurprisingly, the reaction has been positive, encouraging evidence you made the right choice.

    Better yet, your services are available as needed, regardless of whether we happen to be in :lockdown” at the moment.


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