Knowing Your Worth

Yesterday was a low day for me- energetically and emotionally speaking. I was feeling like a victim. I was feeling sorry for myself because of the people who have hurt me. I was feeling broken and unloved. Unworthy. Most days I am very aware of the fact that I am a powerful human being and that I am deeply loved! But again, there are days where I wonder if I’m making the right decisions and if I’m worth it at all.

I spent the day mostly in bed watching Netflix and sitting with my thoughts on the subject. Trying to figure out why I deserved my current circumstances. If I would ever make it through and finally experience the emotional fulfillment I’ve been longing for.

When I woke up this morning, it was a bit bumpy to start, but after the coffee kicked in and I did my morning meditation I had some very important things come to my mind- which I’ve known for quite some time- but I often forget on these hard days. I want to share them so that maybe on your low days, it may help in easing you back to your true worthiness and power.

It is my belief that the abuse and hardships we endure are constructed to give us adversity. They are here to guide us to a new level of expansion. Of course, if everything were perfect in life, there would be no learning. But what I am talking about is much deeper than just what can be learned from a particular hardship. I believe it strengthens and molds you. It can actually transform you if you allow it.

For instance, a lot of the abuse and hardships I have gone through have been regarding my emotions. My feelings in general. My voice. I have been raised with people who are not able to deal with emotions well. And because of this diversity, it has made my voice louder than ever. I had to find the courage and strength within myself to rise up and use my voice anyway. And in this way, my voice has actually become my super power.

It is the hardest of times that teach us how to be powerful. They show us how truly powerful, strong, and courageous we actually are. Without the experiences that have broken me the most, I would not be able to write on the subjects I now understand so well. I would not be able to help people who go through similar situations. I would not be able to shine my light, because if any other way, I may not of realized I had a light at all.

When others have taken me down, I have found the strength the next day to get up and keep going. We all do this on a daily basis. And that is something to be extremely proud of. And because of all the abuse and experiences you’ve gone through, it has made you extremely talented in the particular field of abuse you’ve endured. You could take those experiences and do something with it. You now have a message to share. But this is something you must find within yourself in order to understand how it has made you a stronger more powerful version.

Hardships are experiences, knowledge, wisdom, growth, and power. But it is all within our perspective. We have the ability to choose this every single day.

I do believe there are days we just need to cry, though. My day was yesterday. I needed to release my built up feelings and feel the pain for a moment. I want you to understand that you are not defined by your (more perceived) negative feelings. Do not be afraid of your feelings. Because they are temporary, always changing.

So in one moment, you may feel like your world is collapsing and you are broken within it. But in the next, as that feeling leaves, you have an opportunity to embrace the FACT that you are a powerful being on this earth. It is your human right to be powerful. To be happy. What you have gone through makes you incredibly strong and talented. Unique. Don’t ever think that because of your pain, you are unlovable. We all experience pain. It is the human experience. You will go on to find and do better. There will be a new moment, a new feeling, and a new perspective waiting for you.

I do not believe that your worth is defined by how many low days you have, or by your lack of hardships. I do not believe your worth is defined by your looks or your possessions. I do not believe love should have to be earned. If you are doing everything you can to be a good person, then you are worthy. You are loved. You are powerful. It is that simple.


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6 thoughts on “Knowing Your Worth

  1. That’s precisely it, Shauna. Adversity enables us to anticipate better times, and to bask in their glow when they arrive.

    Much as unbroken success sounds appealing, its monotony soon would dull, robbing it of any sparkle.

    Instead, difficulties forge our qualities and alloy the trials with promise of better days ahead.

    That’s exactly what you’re doing here, Shauna. Life ebbs and flows, yet you persist. You’ve started this journal, exploring where the path leads. Great! What’s next?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. So sorry for the late response. Life has been quite busy for me. Thank you for thia beautiful comment. I loved reading it!

      And it is so exciting to think about what is next in life! So much to create. So many places to go! ❤

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  2. Hear, hear Shauna. Thank you for such an affirming blog.
    I had such a day on Sunday & a text message of thanks from a friend helped open the floodgates for me & the tears helped in a way that nothing else could.
    On reflection, I often find receiving thanks is such a humbling experience.
    Thank you for allowing me that reflection.
    Take care 🙏❤️

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    1. So sorry for the late reply. I’m so glad my post could be a reflection for you. And I must say, crying is always so healing. Every time I cry, I always feel so much better after!

      Im glad you have love and support around you. So thankful for good friends 🙂


  3. Hi Shauna,
    Lovely to hear from you & accept your apologies but I understand how other things take over especially at this strange time.
    Initially on my premature return from virus free Gambia on 16 March to Covid 19 u.k pre lockdown I felt a sense of relief & a chance to breathe. In a strange way I welcomed the mental space the serious situation had created.
    I ‘breathed’ & set about decluttering which in turn helped me realise as I cleared away reading materials, photos & trip momentous how much I had done & was planning to do before and during my planned four month trip.
    A lack of balance seemed evident between planning and action i.e planning activities I.e FUN & REST & action in the way the plans materialised.
    Wow, Shauna definite need for further journal/blog exploration here. Thanks again for allowing me that reflection.
    Enjoy your week end & keep well 🙏❤️


  4. if everything were perfect in life, there would be no learning.”

    Thanks for reminding me. I love learning above all.


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